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The Craze.

Am I able to do a mid-year resolution to post on my blog more frequently? Yes? No? I'll assume yes. From here on out, I will attempt to post more frequently.

Granted, I think posting more than once every three or four months should be feasible.

Since the last time I posted, I can now say I have an agent. Travis Pennington of the Knight Agency is absolutely superb and I'm thrilled to be his client. His keen eye for editing is enthralling as well as his attention to market. I'm really happy.

I'll have some writing news up very, very shortly. Not sure quite when, but I believe next week. At that time, I'll have a pretty exciting post.

I also decided that any time I have an announcement or exciting news that I can't quite share, I'll write #CrypticBurrito. :)

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