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Chicago Review of Books: Top 10 LGBTQ+ Books To Celebrate Gender Diversity by Sonia Ahmed



School Library Journal review of SOMEBODY TOLD ME. VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially where #OwnVoices books are in demand

Booklist, Reviewed on 1 March 2020

" . . . Siegert’s blunt and honest prose brings together a compelling narrative layered with intersections of gender, sexuality, and spirituality, which will be sure to provide teen audiences with much food for thought."

Publishers Weekly: Reading with Pride: LGBTQ Books 2020 Compiled by Gilcy Aquino

School Library Journal: 10 YA Mysteries To Give You Chills | Summer Reading 2020

Buzzfeed: 30 LGBTQ YA Books You'll Absolutely Want To Pick Up This Spring by Dahlia Adhler

Reader Voracious: 2020 Bookish Awards Semi Finalist for SOMEBODY TOLD ME, YA Thriller Category

Teen Librarian Toolbox: Book Review for SOMEBODY TOLD ME by Amanda MacGregor

"It’s not often that I run across a book where I think, wow, this setting and some of these characters are not like anything I’ve ever read before in YA. That’s not to say they don’t exist anywhere—try as I may, I can’t read all the YA books ever published—but they were new and unique to me. Given that I read hundreds of books a year, many of the particulars eventually get lost as they get buried under new things I’ve read, but Siegert’s characters and setting will stick with me."

Book Riot: The Ultimate Guide To Spring 2020 YA Books For Your TBR by Kelly Jensen

Book Riot: Get These Titles Stuck in Your Head: YA Earworms, 2020 Edition by Kelly Jensen



LGBTQ Reads: Exclusive Cover and Excerpt Reveal: Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert featured by Dahlia Adhler

Make way, make way, for the first bigender MC in traditionally published YA! (Or at least that I know of, but I feel pretty good about this.) This is a very exciting cover for me to be revealing in particular because the author is the person who taught me the very time “bigender” lo a bunch of years ago, so I’m thrilled to be showing off the cover of Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert, which releases from Carolrhoda on April 7, 2020 and tells the story of a Russian Jewish bigender teen who discovers they can overhear confessions to their priest uncle and takes it upon themselves to become a “guardian angel.”


The Quivering Pen - The Eclectic Shelf: Eric Rickstad’s Library

Huffington Post: 'Outlander' Author Diana Gabaldon Says English Majors Will End Up Serving Fast Food by Claire Fallon




Bustle: Jolly Fish Press Closes Its Doors In Surprise Move by Emma Cueto

Berkeley College - Focus on Faculty (Siegert debuts at No. 1 on Amazon)


What Could Have Been - A response to Mia's Middle School Bully Committing Suicide


Depression and Obsession: The Pressure of Teen Athletes - Teen Librarian Toolbox #MHYALit (Mental Health in Young Adult Literature)




Whiskey Summer - Interview + Free Short Story


Literary Dialogue - Author Mia Siegert, Bringing Edgy Back


Query Tracker - Mia Siegert upon receiving an offer of Representation


The Writer In the World - Pitch Madness! How I Got My Agent


How I Got My Agent: Pitch Madness Team Yellow Member Mia Siegert


Montclair State University - New Publications from English Alumni


Publisher’s Marketplace - JERKBAIT sold


Are MFAs Worth It?





The Casserole Reading ft Anne Bean and Mia Siegert (Video)


Berkeley College News Line


The Hockey Writers - A True Fan vs. Being a Jerk



Heron Moon Press - It All Depends on How You Read It


Limn Literary & Arts Journal - Excerpt OUTGROWN HORSES (p6)


Writers Circle - Who Are You Writing For?





Clapboard House - Excerpt OUTGROWN HORSES





Word Riot: Excerpt OUTGROWN HORSES - Flemington Author Will Teach Free Writing Courses


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