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These links are for the webpages and blogs of my Goddard peers and fellow writer friends. Please check them out.




-A Broken Winter by Kale Night

          A severely disturbing on-going graphic novel written by Mia's best friend.


-Donna HIll: Official Website

          A Pioneer for African-American Romance Novels


The Writer in the World

            News, Wisdom, and Discoveries from the Goddard Writing Community

Here is what other writers have to say about Mia:


Click for an article written about Mia by Sallie Graziano in the

Hunterdon County Democrat which was posted on


Click to check out a cool blog by Heron Hoom Press about Mia's reading at SOMI Fine Art Gallery with authors David Galef and Cassia L. Rainne (aka Keisha Thorpe).

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